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Experience the difference,
turn your business Into a an immensely better one,in
any phase of your business.

Be Our Next Successful and Happy Brand.

We have supported several brands and service providers across many industries to better operational success, great uplift on revenue, sustainable flow of customers and finding their TRIBE.

What we always say, Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE. It is simply not smart to sell to everyone. We believe that there is a potential community that we carve out from the “everyone” circle, that is just waiting for you. We help turn your customers into your ultimately raving fans.

Whatever your business is, we have the expertise and the tools not just to skyrocket your business but to sustain the success and give you a community on top.

Get in touch with the team that listens, curates solutions for the needs you need in every phase of business development.

We are an advertising agency by soul and a business development firm by heart.

We usually get asked what that means. It simply means when we support a brand or a business, we understand you, we intricately assess you and we map out the stages of development of your brand.

We will support you with timely solutions of what is needed and essential for each phase of development while ensuring it is based on your business goal and we keep the main objectives in mind.

Growth for every phase of your business.

We specialize in creating curated solutions instead of cookie cutter packages. We assess your company needs in depth during the discovery call and create a solution fit to your exact business phase. We make it phased and adaptable. 



We strongly believe that no two brands are ever the same. So, we help you get the basics of your business properly set up, build brand strategies from defining your target audience to mapping out the customer journeys and defining your business goals and objectives.



To give your brand a curated image and a unique space in the market, we help you produce branding elements such as logos, letterheads, social media assets, website design (UI/UX), billboard designs, live streams, editorial videos and many other creative brand collaterals.



We help you save a lot and stress less by providing you with the first true omnichannel management solution. Instead of engaging and coordinating with different agencies to handle your various platforms, we have the tools and expertise to integrate and manage all your media platforms.



With years of experience in the advertising industry, we help you develop ads that represent your brand’s soul. The way you built the brand and the way you would want to be marketed, authentically resonating to the exact audience (TRIBE) you are targeting. 



We provide a strong mix of strategies, channels and messaging plans to market your brand on the internet. We have deeply strong expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads, Collaborative Ads, Influencer Marketing and Content Marketing. 

Brands owned by Immensity Group Business Development Services corporation

Our Brands

We literally walk the talk. We don’t just manage brands, we also develop our own in-house brands.

Our advertising intelligence then gives us first hand experiences on platform trends and data as a brand onboarded on the exact platforms we manage. As a client this will provide you more depth in data reach and industry trends. New updates for vendors on the platforms and organic platform intelligence.

Retail and Digital Goods: We share the journey along-side you and we make an effort to be omnipresent in almost all of the e-commerce platforms available for us in the Philippines including the new comers such as Amazon Global. We onboard these platforms early on so when we manage your brand’s onboarding, we can already tell you which documents are needed, meet the team who onboards brands, learn how the platform algorithm works and a look-see on the initial experience that we have had so you may choose to adapt to the best practices the e-commerce platforms have. New effective strategies on creating your digital ads as we have tested it across our brands.

Varying Industry Markets: We have created our own brands to leverage different markets to support. 

Discover our work

We have been blessed with a really good roster of clients from day one to today. Our good work and integrity has brought us in more referrals of clients we only just dreamed of in the beginning of our journey. Here’s a sneak peak of our portfolio. Get into a call with us to learn more about how we can support your brand as well.

We believe in utilizing the best tools the industry can provide as our clients deserve our most agile selves.

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E-commerce Platforms we Manage for Brands