Inspiring REAL VALUE

We believe in BETTER

Better through DIVERSITY

We are an advertising agency by soul and a business development firm by heart.

We usually get asked what that means. It simply means when we support a brand or a business, we understand you, we intricately assess you and we map out the stages of development of your brand.

We will support you with timely solutions of what is needed and essential for each phase of development while ensuring it is based on your business goal and we keep the main objectives in mind.

Like a baby in utero, we have an incubation stage which is usually the first 2-3 months of service. From onboarding to full launching/revamp, we map out from start to finish what you need and we are NOT yes men. We are a partner, brave enough to tell you what you really need and what you don’t need. We tell you when you are about to make a huge mistake and we are honest about what will happen all throughout the journey. We give you our very best selves.

This is also the premise of our omnichannel management – because being a digital advertising agency is simply not enough.

We believe that if you really want to help a brand, you support them end to end. Think of us as an outsourced business advisor, service provider and industry ally.

Each brand has its own journey and we help you along the way.

The ideation behind this business model is from years of experiencing services that have always been short. Our CEO, Ms. Izzie Enrile,  dreamt of a company that understands the entire picture of what it takes to be a brand and not just a part of it. She dreamt of a company that will support SMEs, medium to Large corporations with authenticity and transparency to it’s very core. Fortunately, the accumulative industry experience of the professionals that have built Immensity are able to provide you this experience.

And we literally walk the talk, we don’t just “Manage and Market your brand”. We also franchise and develop our own brands, we are onboarded on all the channels we manage for you. So we have organically shared intelligence and experience. Whatever strategy we develop, it is not just peer reviewed, it is also beta tested in our own brands. So when we execute those strategies, its at it’s best version when it reaches your brand.

We are trusted and loved teams across the industry categories. When you think of us think of a group of teams and Ecosystem, your very own marketing group but outsourced.

Teams who are not afraid to take the swing with you. Teams who would go to war and back with you and choose to do it all over again. Teams who are not afraid to be honest with you on what you are doing wrong and what you really need to do to get things done and reach your optimal growth as a brand.